Why Laser

Why Laser....

LASER is fantastic

With LASER-light you draw powerful attention to your event, in a truly unique way. Only LASER can do this with

such overwhelming power. the sharp and powerful LASER beam is ideal to create both passive and dynamic

eye-catchers, logos, cartoons in simple lines or outline, as well as some of the most fantastic 3D light-effects in

combination with smoke.


It requires a special set of skills, to create the perfect amount of smoke that will enhance the LASER-lights,

and we therefore only use the best smoke equipment, hazers and firework-effects. .


Sound is also an indispensible part of a LASER-show, and to achieve the atmost performance and experience, it

needs to be programmed to beat, sound passages and effects. This, we prefer to do in close co-operation with the




A typical LASER-Show could consist of a company logo, a message, followed by 3D-LASER-effects in smoke, some

animations and Show end, with both logo and message, most likely orchestrated together with enticing music

underneath. In order to make the LASER-projection appear in the middle of the room we recommend to use our

special design, motorised projection screen (dark fine masked mesh), or outdoor water-screen, which can be a

water curtain of up to 10 m high and 27m wide (= 3 modules) (minimum installation requirements apply) Both

solutions can also be used for video projection. In order to send LASER beams across the room, and in all

directions, we use multiple mirrors and diffraction-mirrors which can reflect, break or multiply the beams onwards

to further mirrors, thus creating fantastic and unexpected effects.

LASER as art or as advertisement..

With LASER light you are sure to get the attention you look for, because it is bright, unusual and eye-catching. E.g.

as a marker-beam on the event, or a display of advertising, logo or message on a wall, a banner, or any other

(mat) surface

Useful general information

-for those who are less experienced in the world of LASER-light A simple LASER-pointer, with red light, is typically

1 mW (= 1/1000 Watt) In comparison, our LASERs are up to 50.000 times more powerful.

Therefore safety rules apply, and permits need to be obtained from local authorities. Event TeknikĀ© takes care of

all of these issues, in relation to Health Authorities, Labour Inspectorate, Aviation authorities etc. etc.


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